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Why Is Don More Current Than Ever In 2019?

Beginning with the 1978 movie Don, a humongous hit, the Don Media franchise has kept the interest in the movie alive with its remake series. With Don: The Chase Begins in 2006 and its sequel, Don 2: The King is Back in 2011 and the much-awaited Don 3: The Final Chapter, the movie has garnered huge level of attraction.  Will the upcoming Don 3: The Final Chapter weave the magic and enthral the audience just as the other Don films before it?

Don: Background Of The Movie

don movie
Don: The King is Back ( 2011 sequel )

The original Don movie released in 1978 has Amitabh Bachchan playing the titular role. The movie was a huge hit and triggered several spins offs and remakes in other languages including Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu.

‘Don: The chase Begins Again’ is a remake of the original Don movie created by Farhan Akthar. The movie was a most awaited one in 2006 due to the expectations among viewers that it would be on par with the earlier classic.  With keen attention paid to ensure elaborate settings, sleek gadgets, stylish wardrobe and accessories and particularly the adrenaline rush inducing action scenes, the remake was a big hit. And Shah Rukh Khan playing the titular role triggered a massive audience for the film. The success of the remake led to the 2011 sequel, ‘Don: The King is Back’. The third and final sequel to the film is expected in 2020. 

How Successful Are Remakes And Sequels?

It is a well-known fact that remakes do not measure up to the original. This is because the original as the name implies has an original story, cast, dialogue and lyrics. You do not have anything to compare it to. But with remakes there is constant comparison to every little detail. This is a big reason for remakes not making it big like their original counterparts.

But with Don, the remake released in 2006, the response was huge. The movie was released worldwide in nearly 800 screens simultaneously. While the original began with dull response and later picked up collection at the box office, the remake was a hit in the initial weekend itself. The stats speak for themselves:

  • The opening weekend earnings for the film worldwide was 302 million and theaters showed 90% occupancy or more
  • Gross earnings over first week increased and was more than 244 million in India and more than 529 million worldwide.
  • The subsequent weeks’ collection was also high
  • The film was the fifth leading in box office collection in 2006

Another important proof of the successful remake is the sequel to the movie released in 2011.

Detention Girls – Nubiles

Detention Girls - Punishing Bad Girls
Detention Girls – Punishing Bad Girls

A lot of series and TV shows got their inspiration from The Don Movie. It’s quite simple and just wanted to tell you about the most recent one called Detention Girls. You know times we live in where girls are too self-assured, their attitude is very high and generally they are hard to have any productive time with. This is about to change with the mission of Detention Girls series, where all these ladies are taught a lesson of behavior. Using very specific methods. But since it’s better to watch than to talk about it we welcome you to visit this website with streaming videos.

The Don Franchise

The popularity of the film led to the origin of Don Franchise.  It includes the original action thriller along with the remake series. Don: The Origin comics and video games namely Don – The Social Mobsters Game and Don 2: The King is Back and soundtracks of Don 2006 and Don 2 2011 were later added on to the Franchise. 

Hungama Digital Media Entertainment collaborated with the film to launch the multiplayer video game online, which is the first of its kind for a Hindi film. Popcorn holders featuring Don were released. The comic book comprised of 80 pages and was distributed for free along with the tickets at multiplexes.

Don In 2019

Speculation is rife about the upcoming finale to the sequel of Don. Rumours about Shah Rukh Khan who played the lead in the remake and its sequel quitting the final sequel seem to be false. Farhan Akthar has reiterated that Shah Rukh Khan will be playing the lead in the final sequel too. Earlier Ranveer Singh was said to be the replacement for Shah Rukh Khan.

The Final Chapter is expected to hit the screen in 2020. With Don Remake being one of the highest box office income grossers of its time and the sequel also faring equally good, Don 3 is certainly anticipated eagerly as seen with the talks about the script and cast doing the rounds in the media.


Undoubtedly one of the best gangster movies in the past few decades, Don had caught the fancy of several generations of filmgoers. It still manages to hold forte due to the robust and dynamic script and of course, the charismatic cast capably supported by excellent audio track, stylish costumes, and screenplay.